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No Longer Silent


By: Patrick B. McGinnis, PhD

No Longer Silent is a story of victimhood and recovery. Like all such stories, it is a powerful metaphor for turning “Defeat into Triumph.” It is the embodiment of what Joseph Campbell, the great American Mythologist, identified as the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is a real person-making process. It is an inner process of transformation that leads us to reclaim our authentically whole self and to finally become the person we were created to be.

Each of us is born a perfect being, with all of the innate elements necessary to become a fully self-actualized person; a totally unique individual with the capacity to fulfill a distinctive purpose in the world. Although we are born perfect, few of us are born into a family where even our basic needs for safety and security are sufficiently met. If our parents are sometimes absent, neglectful, or consistently dysfunctional, the child becomes insecure and fearful. A child who is sexually or physically abused suffers extraordinary additional harm. Children who are traumatized by any form of abuse do not have the cognitive capacity to recognize that this has happened to them because the caretaker is ill or misguided, rather they come to believe that something is wrong with them; that something essential in them is missing, and they are damaged and not good enough. Such children believe they are incomplete and feel as if there is a void at the center of their being.

The Hero’s Journey begins at home in the ordinary world. Home represents the known, the day-to-day predictable routines to which we have become accustomed. No matter how insecure, limiting and uncomfortable home may have become, it is what we know and this very knowing makes it our “comfort zone.”

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