I know I mentioned it in the synopsis, but just to repeat again, this story does depict ECT treatments, and to say this is a subject that people either love or hate would be putting it mildly. None of it is that graphic in this story, to be fair, but I think fair warning is best. For those who might be concerned, no, I haven't been in an ECT suite, in any position, to do any research for this. I would have loved to be able to do so, but practicality didn't permit this, much though I would have loved for it to happen. So, if there are any inaccuracies in the treatment (for any readers who know the details), I apologize in advance.

My thanks as always to James, for his editing work, and to Kris, for producing the cover for me.

‘The Things an Actress Has to Do For a Role’

My cell phone rang, I pulled it from my bag and checked who it was before answering it. To my surprise, it was my agent. Let’s just say that parts, of any kind, for fifty-somethings aren't quite as prolific as for younger actresses! Anyway, let’s hope he's not just checking on me, to see I'm still alive and kicking, but has something decent to offer me. Realistically, I know, probably not, but no harm in hoping.

"Doug, lovely to hear from you." I replied, then added, wittily, "Is this just a check-in call, or something more?"

I heard him laugh, "For once, Susan, it's definitely something more; quite a major role, in fact."

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Yes, seriously. Seems to be at least one movie studio that hasn't forgotten about your talents, he replied jokingly—at least I hope it was jokingly!

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