Bannockburn: Norman v Norman

Ed Conduit

Bannockburn: Norman v Norman

Ed Conduit

Published by Laghamon, Stourbridge, UK

Copyright Ed Conduit, 2016

ISBN 978-0-9554877-2-9

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The Author

Ed Conduit has degrees in linguistics, clinical psychology and computer science. Ed has written other books on linguistics and psychology. Most are available as e-books via Smashwords, Apple Books, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. E-books may also be downloaded to a PC with Calibre or Adobe book reader. His titles include:

“Unsustainable Population” (

“The Iceland Bus" (

“Bannockburn: Norman v Norman.” (Smashwords 667886 and Laghamon paperback)

“The Black Country Dialect” (Kindle and Laghamon paperback)

“Lakeland Language" (Kindle and paperback)

“The Body Under Stress" (1995). Psychology Press.

Table of Contents

Introduction: who was who at Bannockburn?

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