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Aleja was told to have an abortion at the age of nineteen or else she would be tossed to the cold, dark, and lonely streets of Brooklyn. When it was time for her to give her adopted parents an answer, Aleja stated that she will keep her baby. Her adopted father pushed her in the middle of her chest out of the project door in the cold of November without a coat, money, food or clothes. She was forced to live on her own with no where to call home.

Alcohol became a form of escape for her while she associated with people-men that added to her mental, emotional and physical abuse. At the age of twenty five while walking into her first A.A. meeting, she wrote her first poem titled Being Alive. From there she wrote eight titles, Only the Strong Can Survive, Aleja's Beautiful Poetic Strategy in Recovery, Poems from the Heart Mind Body and Soul, Passions Desires of Aleja the Poet, Thoughts Deeply Rooted Within Me, Seasons With And Without Love, All I Can Do Is Stand, All I can Do Is Stand Part Two and Adopted Abused And Still Standing. Available on paper back and kindle on Amazon and other online book stores.

On March 27th 2011 after six weeks of attending Kingdom Life Ministries is when Aleja received her break through from God. Her joy and passion for singing was restored as the Holy Spirit began to deal with her by knocking her down to her knees. Pastor David Yankana asked her to sing His Eye Is On the Sparrow. While singing this powerful song was when Aleja started to feel the joy, power and anointing in her voice.

The entire church caught the Holy Ghost that day and Aleja’s life would now take a turn for the better. She now records singing videos on you tube with a live recorded testimony of how her life has changed. She also has written two songs titled All I Can DO Is Stand and Stand Up For Life which were written in January 2011. She plans to have them recorded by an already recorded gospel group.

Aleja Bennett has started a choir at Kingdom Life Ministries named Kingdom Reign. She works with the choir faithfully, lovingly, kindly and patiently every Wednesday for rehearsal. For her, singing to God is a form of release from all the pain that she had to endure including all the things she has lost. The past has always hurt Aleja in some kind of way so now she can’t trust the people from it because it has slowed her down.

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