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The Yard.

Sarah Turner

Copyright 2011 by Sarah Turner

Smashwords Edition


A clear mist drowned the yard before me, the amount of times I had been here when it’s been misty but it’s never been this bad before, I continued into the yard, walking briskly to where my horse was stabled, the mist was starting to freak me out now, I continued to look around to find if anyone else was here and upon doing so I noticed that the mare and foal wasn’t in the paddock where they are usually kept, I glanced down at my wrist to see what time it was and noticed that my watch had stopped and looked liked it was also misted up, the mist was playing tricks on my eyes, forming shapes and making me believe there was something there but every time I ran over to the spot, there was nothing there.

Ever since I had stabled my horse here I always thought there was something creepy about this place even in the daytime never mind in the mist, it’s sort of one of those mists that you would see in a horror movie a really creepy type. By this time I had reached the back of the stallion stables and was just about to check up on Keano, looking over the stable door I saw him laying down in the corner back to me, he looked like he was asleep, so peaceful as I approached him I noticed something wasn’t right, I couldn’t see his auburn chest steadily rising and falling, I started to panic, I took a quick step towards him and was greeted by two dark red eyes, I froze to the spot with the eyes intently watching me, every step I took they followed until they started to approach me, I followed the eyes and was greeted by a grayish outline of what looked like a large dog, it was slowly creeping towards me I continued to walk backwards when my back touched something, I instantly knew that I had been cornered against a wall, it knew it had me and took the opportunity and lunged for me it seemed to disintegrate into thin air but I could swear the eyes lingered for a second more, but I don’t think it was that which freaked me out, I could see out of the corner of my eye there was something sat next to me……

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