Sex Magick

by Carl Oort

— Copyright 2016 —


This is a book for those already familiar with basic magickal operations — preferably of the chaos variety, though sexuality can be incorporated into any form. I will not be describing the way in which spells are traditionally performed — I have written other books on this subject and there are many other authors who have done so. Rather, I will be explaining from my own perspective how sexual may be utilized in magickal operations. This is intended to be a practical guide, without superfluous details, giving just enough theory to guide the mind in a practical way to its ultimate goal. If I have written it successfully, this book will allow you to learn exactly how to both train yourself to increase your sexual pleasure and energy, as well as how to utilize this energy as a catalyst for the expansion of consciousness. Being male, I naturally write from a male perspective, but with some slight alterations most all of the advice applies to females also.


This is a book I've wanted to write years, though only recently have I found the time to do so. The nature of sexuality as it relates to magic is topic of deep importance and must be handled with care. I believe all can benefit from incorporating sexuality into their magick, fusing the two into a bright new symbiosis. Sexuality is an art. One might say that it is art. Literature, music, the depictive arts such as painting, sculpture, etc. — all are examples of our sexuality, unfolding via a plethora of games, confrontations, encounters, flights, excesses, etc. As biological manifestations, it is good to admit the primacy of sex in every thought. Sex, for us, is the sublime, the transcendent and the wholly beautiful. This is also why it can so easily bring madness and suicide — the sensation of Love being the ultimate risk, and the orgasm not far behind whenever it is carried to its depths. Few survive it totally and often prefer to kill off parts of themselves than risk the immeasurable pain it can bring. But that is precisely the cost of the deepest pleasures: to stand overlooking their precipice is to gaze into a potential abyss of suffering. This also should be kept in mind while reading this book — sorcerers and witches ought not give their love away too cheaply, nor their sexuality. And, above all, the Self should be the supreme object of desire. If the Self is not first loved, then the Other cannot be loved — it becomes a thing to be used, usually for a salvation which never comes, and this is the genesis of all sexual horror. The great masturbator alone is the great lover, I say. . .

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