The Luna Document

By H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2011 H. Jason Schulz

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I discovered the following document in and old dictionary that I had purchased from an antique shop. It was hand written on a blank sheet of discolored white paper.

The document reads:

The story I’m about to relay was told to me by my father and later was corroborated by my grandmother who received the fright of her life, as she put it, as a result of her uncle discovering the object in the forest of Western New Mexico.

A short note concerning the area.

The history of the small mountain valley where my brief story takes place is shrouded in mystery. Most of what I have been able to learn comes from eyewitness accounts. The valley lies on the western side of the continental divide at an altitude of over 7000 feet above sea level. As far as I can discover, the valley was first settled by American Indians. Although no structural ruins have been unearthed. Only arrowheads and broken pieces of pottery that were found along the large creek that slices the valley in two gives any evidence of their occupation. Following the American Indians there seems to have been another people to settle in the valley. They were most likely from Mexico and had been in the valley quite a while because they had built an intricate network of irrigation ditches and there were many adobe ruins peppered throughout the narrow valley. That is if I can rely on the stories from the early settlers. Following these people there were other settlers from the eastern United States who moved west. They found the adobe ruins and the irrigation ditches but like the American Indians, the settlers from Mexico were long gone. The settlers from the eastern United States built houses and farms in the valley but these people too had mysteriously disappeared leaving behind all their possessions and food stores. A few old, blood stains on the floors of the deserted houses hinted at foul play but what actually happened to these people was never discovered. Most thought that the Indians were to blame. The next and final people to move into the valley included my great, great grandparents who actually were among those that found the remnants of the adobe ruins and the deserted houses. These last settler’s descendants are still there, including much of my family. So what happened to the others?

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