It was a warm evening, so the animals decided to tell stories. Since the moose and porcupine were late, the other animals wanted them to go first. The moose and the porcupine stared at each other. They were still upset. The porcupine finally stepped forward and said, “I’ll go first.”

The other animals became very quiet. The porcupine started his story.

The Porcupine’s Story

Back when the moon first looked down on the trees, moose were very different from today’s moose. Moose were big and strong like they are now, but they did not have antlers. They had a very thick head instead. Moose were proud of their thick heads. When two moose met, they would knock their heads together and make a loud cracking noise you could hear all over the forest.

Everyone knows you cannot keep hitting your head without hurting your brain. Moose are very clever when they are born. After a life of banging heads together, older moose got very stubborn and dim-witted.

One day, the two oldest and biggest moose in the forest met. After they knocked their heads together several times, they decided they were hungry.

“We should go to a meadow I know about,” the first moose said. “The grass there is really tender.”

“I know the place!” the second moose said. “I’ve been there before. Let’s go.”

So the two moose turned to go to the meadow. The problem was they turned and went in two different directions.

“Wait a minute,” the first moose said. “The meadow is this way.”

“No,” the second moose said. “The meadow is over here.”

The two moose argued for a while before they agreed on a third direction. They started to walk. They passed a porcupine sitting next to a tree.

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