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whither WILLOW ?


Peter J. Ponzo


"Why, that Miss Cassandra, she was standing on the table, naked as the day she was born, 'cept fer stuff tangled in her hair, vines or somethin'."

It was January 27, 1917, in Martin's Bar, and Doc Manner was leaning on the table in the darkest corner, and the others, Jonah Winnich and Saul Shulom and Grubby Baker, they all listened intently, barely breathing, their beer standing untouched. The good doctor sucked once on a dead pipe and continued.

"And her body, covered in black - black streaks, all over her body - like she was painted from head to toe in black streaks. Like wavy lines, all over, head to toe. She was hummin', sort of. Her eyes was closed and she was hummin' and the others, they all was hummin' too, 'cept fer Jake who kept lookin' at me. Even the two gals, pregnant, they just started right in hummin'."

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