Here We Go Again


Jeffrey Somogyi

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 by Jeffrey M. Somogyi

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Here We Go Again

"Beginning descent. Landfall in t-minus...", the pilot checked his watch, "soon." He glanced at his co-pilot and with a shrug, snapped off the intercom. The great bulk of the P.T.B.& B. Company ship shuddered and shook as it entered the planet’s upper-atmosphere. Outside the glass of the cramped command deck, air friction did its thing, turning the view red and flame-y.

There was no sense in talking, now, as the juddering of the ship tended to chop up any speech. Hearing someone ask, "W-w-w-wha-a-at-t-t-t d-d-d-d-did y-y-y-y-you s-s-s-sa-a-a-a-ay?!" is humourous, but tends to stretch a conversation to such a time-wasting length that it makes more sense to wait and say what needs to be said later, faster - and without the fear of hitting a sudden bump and losing the tip of your tongue on a consonant.

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