“Woman,” he shouted. “Is there anything in that brain of yours at all? I don’t know why I even take you places. It’s embarrassing and humiliating.”

Angel heard a crash and peeked out through her fingers that were covering her face and trying to block out her husband James’ ranting.

“Now look what you made me do!”

Angel saw the vase smashed on the floor and knew he hadn’t knocked it off. Rather he had thrown in to the floor in his fury.

“Get up woman! Clean this mess up.”

James stomped out of the room, and Angel breathed a sigh of relief. She would be happy to clean up the broken pieces of the vase just as long as James would do as he normally did and leave the house until he calmed down.

Cleaning up the broken vase was easy, but putting together the broken pieces of their marriage was something she couldn’t seem to accomplish.

For years she had hoped he’d change. Sometimes it was just the little things she did, like cooking a simple meal. Today it had been playing golf. It was the first time he had taken her with him and she was thrilled that he wanted her to accompany him. Angel did her best but she had never played before and James had given her little instruction. Each time she played badly his face would turn red and he would yell at her. It didn’t matter if people were around. It even seemed that he enjoyed it all the more if people did hear. She didn’t want to remember the terrible words he had hurled at her, but they floated around her head anyway…stupid, idiot, clumsy, awkward.

Angle leaped from her hiding place behind the sofa, and got the broom and dustpan to clean up the mess that James had left behind.

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