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By Peggy Lee Johnson

©2010Peggy Lee Johnson

Smashwords Edition

Ray couldn't believe the deal he'd gotten on that big Harley. Full dressed and show quality at thirty cents on the dollar was just too good to pass up. Wearing a black T-shirt, a bushy beard and a big grin, Ray checked the tie down straps before pulling into the street. He sure was glad his friend Tad had clued him in on the police auction. Of course, being a cop, Tad would know about what was going on in his precinct. After Ray won his bid, he had walked into the office and paid for the bike, picking up the title. With a little help from some of the uniforms, he loaded her onto his forty-eight flatbed and tied her down. He took his time in city traffic afraid he’d scratch his new treasure.

Ray spent the rest of the day getting all of the necessaries done; insurance, title, and license plate. Tomorrow he'd take her out for a spin. Carefully he backed the big iron off of the truck and rolled her into the garage. Might not hurt to look her over, and maybe rag the worst of the dust off. Shouldn't take but a few minutes. Around midnight, he heard Susie, his big old lady hollering. Hell! He'd forgotten all about her. Time flies when you’re having fun and this machine was going to be fun.

"Raymond! Are you going to sleep with that damned Harley, or get your big ass in here for some of this supper? Don’t make me come out there and drag you in here."

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