Tony Masero

Courage or cowardice can happen in the briefest moment of time.

In the split second that Tag Donovan takes to face down the killer Scart Benjamin, events are set in motion that are bound to change the rest of his young life.

It all begins with a bank raid that goes horrendously wrong and leaves a town destroyed and a heap of bodies lying in the street.

Sergeant Bayou Tarfay, a hardened Cajun Texas Ranger has a hand in protecting the survivors but soon he and his Ranger partner Cornpone are forced to go rogue. The partners take on board a mixed bag of doubtful associates and head into the badlands of Apacheria. Their intention is not only a forbidden rescue mission but also to bring to justice Scart and his gang whose minds are set on a wagonload of army gold.

Trouble is, a whole parcel of Chokonen Apache stands in the Rangers way and they have the same idea.

Cover Illustration: Tony Masero

Names, characters and incidents in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations,

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