DIGGER the Worm

A Big Dig

His name was Digger and he had very few friends. Maybe that was because he was a worm. But Digger was no ordinary worm. When he was small ... well, all worms are small ... but when he was really small, even for a worm, he loved to dig in the farmer's garden among the vegetables and in the leaves under that big old maple tree with the swing hanging down. When his mother saw how quickly he could disappear into the ground and how deep he could go, she naturally called him Digger.

One day, while playing in the woods, Digger decided to see how far he could dig. But this time he wouldn't dig straight down. No, this time he would sort of dig down and across and then up again.

Who knows where he would come out?

So Digger picked a nice spot under the big old maple tree with the swing hanging down, put his hat carefully on the yellow leaves under the tree ... because his mother told him never to dig with his hat on ... and he started digging.

First he went straight down until he was a long way under the roots of the big old tree. Then he turned and went across.

It was dark down there, deep in the ground, but that didn't bother Digger. He just kept digging and digging. His mother would be proud of him. His father would be proud of him. He would go to places no worm had ever been. He would be able to tell wonderful stories of his adventures.

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