Old Man Anthology

Heather Paye, et al

Smashwords Edition

You know, fathers just have a way of putting everything together.”

~ Erika Cosby

Papa’s Celebration Suit

By Salvatore Buttaci

The clerk at Hugo’s Custom-made Suit Shop tried to talk my father out of it.

Sir, this suit would be more appropriate for a much younger man. Why, it’s practically white and the black pin stripes don’t help,” said the clerk.

I was beginning to think my gift of a suit for Papa on Father’s Day was not going to work out. We would leave here, and again this June, Papa would open my gift and say, “You sure know how to pick out the perfect tie!”

I knew the clerk was simply doing his job, applying his fashion expertise to help my father’s selection, but he didn’t know Papa, and for that reason I felt a bit sorry for the young clerk. My father was the least likely person to take anyone’s

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