This story is about a real girl who used to love a friend of mine who was able to reunite with my friend as her husband after death of his first wife. With initial hiccup, she was able to win the hearts of her step children and they are now a happy family. However, Madhuri’s character is a fictitious character, far from reality. The reason for their initial break-up was not known to me. Therefore, I have to introduce the character of Madhuri. In fact, she (present wife of my friend) was the only daughter of a teacher. I have made some comments on scrap dealer in the statement of Madhuri just to spice up the story. I do not have any intention to demean the profession of scrap dealing business. They are giving a yeoman service to the society through their business which I always respect.

I am thankful to the readers, well-wishers and family members for encouraging me to write something on something! Thanks to Smashwords for providing me the platform to publish this compilation.


Chapter I: Diwali Festival of Light

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated all over India with different intensity and different forms. In east of India, it is celebrated along with Kali Puja (The black Mother Goddess-the destroyer of the evils). In the north of India, it is celebrated along with Lakshi Puja (The Goddess of prosperity). In the extreme south of India, it is celebrated in a mute manner. In North India, this is one of the liveliest festival with lighting and lots fireworks.

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