A Lion In The Living Room

Jennifer Melnik

Mr Digby was worried.

Sales were dropping and it looked as if he might have to close his store.

I’ll have to find something unique for my window to bring the customers

back,’ he thought. At the zoo he found just the right animal. It was furry, cute and playful,gentle and friendly. Dan Digby watched him for a while, as he took his first cub steps and played hide and seek with his mother behind a large rock. What a good pet he’d make.’ When the cub was a few weeks old, he was bundled into the back of a van and sent to a large, crowded department store in the middle of a big, bustling city. From his cage the cub could hear squawking, barking and strange voices. He smelled sawdust, feathers, fur and people.The light was too bright for him to sleep and he couldn’t play on the smooth rocks or tumble in the soft grass with his parents anymore. He was lonely and worried. Mr Digby was happy.

His shop sales had doubled, as people flocked from everywhere to see the

special lion cub.

Can we have him?’ asked a young boy. He was gentle and cute, but Alex’s parents were not sure a lion would make a suitable pet.

We can give him a good home,’ they said. George sniffed the air and licked the grass. He rolled and pounced and shared tea with Alex.

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