There’s a lion in my living room,’ he told Harry and Stephen.

How can you keep a lion in your living room?’ his friends asked. When they saw how friendly George was, they all wanted to play with Alex’s new pet. George was watchful and kept guard over Alex through the night.

They went to the busy supermarket and Alex gave George a fast ride.

Behind the shelves, people whispered.

That’s the boy with the lion in his living room.’

Don’t be scared, he’s very friendly,’ said Alex. George gave a wide lion grin.

George went to work every day with Alex’s Dad. He tested furniture and welcomed the customers. He licked the stamps and helped with the filing.

The lion cub grew bigger. There wasn’t room for him to run in the backyard anymore.

You can exercise him in the church grounds,’ said the Vicar.George enjoyed racing and chasing and playing football. It was better than having tea in the living room.

Soon George grew too big for the bath. He grew too big for the sofa. He grew too big for Alex’s bedroom. The zoo officials came to collect George and Alex had to say goodbye. He missed playing with his friend and at night the darkness seemed scary without George protecting him.

One day Alex’s Dad phoned the zoo. George had been sent to a National Reserve in Africa to be rehabilitated into the wild. George was exhilarated with lots of space for him to run, hide and explore. He could smell the scent of other animals and used his hunting skills. But he soon discovered that some animals didn’t want to play.

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