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Secrets of the Night

Written by Gregory D. Welch

Copyright © 2009 by Gregory D. Welch

No part may be copied, stored, or quoted in large pieces without authors prior permission except in reviews and where the author is cited by name as being original creator of work.

Two orange embers burned against the night as twin carbon plumes of smoke chased each other up in invisible glory. The smell was acrid, thick, and grey to its core. Not blue, never blue, despite the smoker's claims. This was a dead thing of ashen grey and hopelessness. Eternal hopelessness, ever onward, and always upward.

"Was it good for you?" she asked.

"As good as always baby. You?" he answered.

A heavy and soggy deep drag made one of the embers move in mesmeric little circles and blaze brilliantly bright---a challenge for the second glowing circle to do its worst.

"Too bad you gotta leave," he said. His own circle of fire moved through the solid black night, seeking his lips. The burning circle blazed a brilliant firey orange when as he took a drag.

"Don't start Jimmy. Hell, you knew what you were gettin' into when you fucked a married woman. Jus' be thankful for what you got goin' for you, alright?"

"I am. Jesus I am. I couldn't find myself a better piece of ass if my life depended on it."

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