Table of Contents

I Divine Election and Reprobation

II Christ’s Death and Human Redemption Through It

III Human Corruption

IV Conversion to God and the Way It Occurs

V The Perseverance of the Saints


This critique does not include an analysis of the historical setting of the Synod of Dort. Nor does it analyse the section in each Canon which considers Errors. On the contrary it is limited to a critique of the theology in each of the main sections of these Canons, trying to understand the mentality of the church fathers of Dort, and then to evaluate the theological positions being defined.

The critique argues from the point of view of the ancient Hebrew-Christian mindset, the way of thinking evident in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. There are significant deviations from that definitive Biblical mindset here in these Canons of Dort. There is, of course, much that is laudable and essential, but as often as not these gems of theology are put in a skewed theological framework which casts a cloud of doubt even upon them. The overall conclusion is that the church should no longer accept the Canons of Dort as definitive of its ecclesiastical theology.

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