Wirra and the Seeds

Deep in a hidden part of the bush, stood a group of beautiful evergreen trees. Their dark leaves were shaped like teeth and the golden coned flowers stood up stifly like soldiers on the sturdy branches. Lots of birds were attracted to these flowers and when the dark seeds formed, they pecked them hard with their beaks to get to the centre and feast. Wirra, a nasty evil spirit, watched the birds with envy. He wanted to taste the seeds himself, but no matter how much he tried, the shells were too hard for him to break.

Birds, can you help me break the seeds so I may eat too?” he asked. But they were too busy feasting to hear him. Besides, they didn’t want to share their seeds with anyone else. Wirra became angry with the birds for not helping him and decided to stop them from eating any more seeds.

He formed horrid thoughts in his head and created a fire at the base of each of the trees. It quickly spread through the bush, blackening all the other trees in its’ path. It was a hot and horrible fire, but not horrible enough for Wirra. He wanted to make the hottest, wildest fire that ever existed, so he blew ferociously onto all the trees until his face turned red and puffed out like a balloon. The birds were scared and flew away. Wirra sat at a distance watching the embers die down, satisfied he had destroyed the trees and punished the birds.

The trees had turned as black as charcoal, but the hard cone shells had acted as a barrier and protected the seeds inside from burning. After a few weeks, the cones dried and the wind and rain caused the seeds to pop out. The strong fire had caused more and more seeds to be released. Wirra couldn’t believe his eyes, as thousands of seeds began to germinate and before he could say “flaming fireflies”, new trees and shrubs began to grow. The bush was now covered in beautiful evergreen trees and the birds came back to feast on the cone seeds.

Birds, can you help me break the seeds so I may eat too?” Wirra asked. What do you think they said?

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