50 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful

By Trisha Bartle

Copyright 2008 by Trisha Bartle

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Introduction: Welcome to 50 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful

We all have days when we just feel…blah. Our hair isn't falling right or we have a fresh zit on the tips of our noses. On the inside, we may feel sluggish and a wee bit sad.

That's okay. Feeling that way is normal. But, it's also not very fun.

Rather than getting stuck in that doom-and-gloom attitude, find ways to break through. After all, there are so many things that you can do to look and feel beautiful – right now.

That's why I came up with 50 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful, a free ebook for my readers. If I can add just a glimmer a sunny, bright beauty to your day, then I've succeeded.

Have a look through this list. Employ one, two or ten different points to start looking and feeling beautiful. Enjoy!

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