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Author's Note

This book was designed as a workbook. This second edition has had the forms removed for better eBook formatting and in response to reader comments that the repetition of the forms in the original edition was not helpful.

Why This Book?

You probably picked up this book because you have an interest in power exchange relationships1. Perhaps you are a dominant looking for ways to structure your relationships. Maybe you are a submissive who wants structure in their lives and seeks a way to create it. No matter what your motivations, thank you for choosing this book. I hope it will provide you with the tools to develop your own personal protocol.

As I noted above, this book is for both dominants and submissives. It may seem contradictory to say that a book on developing protocol is for both the dominant and the submissive, but it is the truth. 

For dominants, having a structured protocol can help you share your expectations with those who serve you. Having such information on hand can make it much easier for those who serve you to do it well.

For submissives, a personal protocol can help you maintain your station regardless of whether or not you are currently engaged in a power exchange relationship. Having this type of structure can also help a submissive share such information with a new dominant, especially if that dominant has not yet developed his or her own protocol.

I would also recommend that new partners, of whom neither have developed personal protocol, work together on the exercises in this book. You may find it to be beneficial to compare your answers to the exercises as you develop the protocol you will use for your relationship.

Regardless of your identification in this community, the exercises I've prepared in this workbook should help you find the structure you crave. I hope you will contact me if you have feedback or questions regarding this workbook. You can always reach me at

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