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Praise for Blame Game

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Internationally Syndicated Radio Host, author of “Stop Whining, Start Living.”

I absolutely love this book. Blame is about yesterday. Responsibility is about the rest of your life. Let Dr. W. R. Klemm’s “Blame Game, How To Win It” show you that positive change is within your grasp.

Dr. Robert Schuller

Minister of Crystal Cathedral and host of the “Hour of Power” television series

As one who has spent a lifetime trying to help people have lives of fulfillment and happiness, I am delighted that Dr. Klemm has published “Blame Game.” His book will help people solve their personal problems and achieve their dreams.

Dr. Bob Rich, psychologist and author of 13 books, four of them award-winners.

Bill Klemm’s “Blame Game” is the ideal combination of common-sense advice and sound scientific evidence. Professor Klemm’s expertise includes neuroscience, which he presents in easy-to-understand, plain language. He combines it with findings from many relevant fields, especially psychology, to produce a manual for living a good life.Web:

You can think of Blame Game as “debt relief”

for the hidden costs of making excuses.

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