Oh God, just thinking about it made me wet with desire. The second I walked in the door, I slid to the ground and began touching myself.

I smiled as I realized that my new lover's cum was still inside me. I tasted it off my finger as I thought back to our meeting.

It was just another boring tinder app date. You know the kind: where you're looking at your watch every 5 seconds it seems.

I just couldn't wait to go home. I mean, painting my nails was more interesting than this guy, omg.

Near the end of the date, he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place. I was about to tell him no, when he started talking about his dominant Rottweiler.

That's when my ears perked up. Why? Because I was a dog trainer. I knew instinctively why this guy's dog was dominant. If he was as boring at home as he was with me, it was no wonder!

"Sure," I said as he was still rambling on about his dog pissing on the carpet and humping his leg.

"What?" He looked up at me with surprise in his eyes.

I smiled. "I said 'yes' I'd love to come see your dog."

Sam was the typical, untrained large dog who jumped up on people and ran around like an idiot. I cringed as I watched my date fill the dog's food bowl and nearly get his hand bit off.

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