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Thinker – James Fink Copyright 2009


Copyright 2009 James Fink

Published by Smashwords

Detective Jack Hanlon didn’t see the man jump off the top of the Carbolide Building, but he was close enough to hear it when it happened. He was taking a day off, officially for “personal reasons.” It usually meant that he’d already anticipated being hung over from one of Sabrina’s parties. Even though he and the hotshot FBI investigator Sabrina Johnson were no longer an item, there weren’t any bad feelings between them, and she always managed to put him on the guest list. But it wasn’t for reasons that were personal that he had requested this day off.

He heard the screams while seated at a table of an outdoor pub in downtown Greenview. He didn’t usually show up within the borders of his precinct on his day off, but he was meeting someone. His ex-wife had just hired a new lawyer to revisit the terms of their separation -- this, after three years of being free from her. He, himself, wanted to scream. He didn’t get the chance to talk to his own lawyer, however.

By the time he had made it through the rushing crowds to the dead body in the street, an ambulance and a patrol car had already arrived. He flashed his badge to get himself through the sea of people and eventually to the body.

“What’s the deal here?” he asked one of the medics, a petite blonde with the face and body of a teenager.

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