Those are the words to an imaginary ad from a couple of years ago intended to catch the hearts and minds of the jaded who thought they had the mentoring relationship notion in a box, no surprises. After all, what could I or anyone else teach them about mentoring that they didn’t already know? Yes, everyone has a different opinion of what mentoring is, what a mentor does and the unfolding of the relationship. Yet the more you know, the better it can be. This book is one way to fill in the many gaps between what you think you know and what you still need to know.

About this book and its organization

This book contains more than 90 different segments arranged alphabetically to make it easier for you to locate topics of interest. A printed version of this book equals over 250 pages.

Choose from exercises and activities attached to topics plus tips, lists, checklists, guidelines and quizzes, Models, patterns and definitions that help you understand important differences, issues and themes.

Though The Mentor Series has one entire book of case studies, there are case studies in Mentoring A to Z. Also included are excerpts from MentorInk Newsletter, the world's first such newsletter, first issued in 1986.

Travel thematically through Canada, the USA, on to Japan, Italy, France, Turkey, England and Greece, making occasional detours to left and right brains and other far-flung locations, rolling the dice, noshing on some food, time traveling thousands of years meeting royalty, superstars and cave people along the way.

The BONUS Section at the end looks in depth at skills coaching.

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