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Gameplay is simple and yet challenging to master, with fantastic replay value. The twin-deck battle system allows you to build unique strategies, which, up until now, has never been possible. With no scores or points to keep, winning is a matter of deploying your entire minion hand into victory across the opponent’s battlefield.

Take a look then at the twin-deck system, comprising the Minion Card and the Tactics Card.

You can play the game for free at

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The Magical Arts

Mage Guildmaster Romayne of Camelot

Mages practice what is commonly known as defensive magic - magic used to avoid combat rather than challenge it. We prefer to hide from the enemy with cloaking spells, to manipulate his mind with fear spells and hallucinations, to taunt him with telekinetic and telepathic spells till, if he is eventually destroyed, he effectively destroys himself. This is in direct contrast to sorcery, which focuses on pure destructive power of Fireglobes, of floods and other elemental forces.

Magic involves the focusing of magical fields. There are magical fields all around us, acting as media for possibilities to become realities, emanating from every living thing, every substance on and off the planet, surrounding us. Magical fields usually lie dormant and useless until a magician channels them through their minds and bodies, shaping them into spells to accomplish a specific purpose. Some magicians are powerful enough to create their own magical fields, useful in areas where fields are weak, or where they are disrupted through magic or the presence of ghosts and spirits, who exude their own natural fields and tend to absorb others from the atmosphere around them.

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