Parenting Guide

by Dr. Joe Barber

Text copyright © 2016 Joseph C. Barber, MD, FAAP

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Parenting advice is difficult to listen to, understand and incorporate into our daily lives. We all want to be better parents. We know our words and actions intentionally and unintentionally influence our children for the rest of their lives. Each of us want our child to experience joy, love and happiness. We want them to experience friendship and find companionship when and where they need it. We want our children to be purposeful in action and thought and respectful of others. We want them to grow up in a positive environment filled with opportunity. We want our child to live in a safe environment, respect others, be able to choose right from wrong and know how and when to help another.

To attain these goals we must provide ourselves the encouragement, opportunity and resources to learn how to become better parents and the support to follow these principles consistently every day. Shame, guilt and anger are byproducts of constructive criticism. No one enjoys criticism even when it is constructive. Yet, to become better parents, each of us must learn how to change what we are doing wrong and strengthen what we are doing right.

Every day you are confronted by fatigue and time constraints. Few parents have the time or energy to find answers on their own. This is why I want to be your guide and help you find the best ways to interact and respond to your child during both the good times and the bad times. Real time parenting is fast, complex and difficult. Many parenting books focus on what you have been doing wrong and not on what you are doing right. I want to focus on the small things a busy parent can do right.

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