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Come Again?

by Graham Murray

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 by Graham Murray.

Published by Living Books USA

All rights reserved. Cover design by author.

Despite the clever and deliberately misleading title of this book, it is not actually about a request for additional erotic services. It is actually a guide intended for writers. Yes, I write non-fiction, too.

As a writer, editor and publisher, few things are worse for me than picking up a new manuscript (paper or otherwise) and finding it peppered with silly grammatical errors and misspellings that smack me right between the eyes like a bum note on a piano.

If I find two or more such errors on the first page, I toss the script aside and choose another one. Nobody wants to read something in which the writer clearly has taken no pride.

Regardless of the possible brilliant content and storyline, a manuscript full of errors is the kiss of death in my book. This is particularly true when it comes to writing dialogue, something which remains a major stumbling block for many writers, especially newcomers.

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