The cursed world

This world looks so similar to ours… But first impression is misleading here magic and mystical creatures are a norm. But this world has never known peace… Thousands of spears shine in the sun as human soldiers stand side by side to hold of a horde of green skinned orcs – every one of them stronger than a full grown man. They are savage creatures, whose only purpose is war. But no matter how barbaric they are, they shouldn’t be underestimated, each of them is able to create basic weapons and armor. And their smiths are able to create weaponry which even though is crude, but able to rival those created even by best of human blacksmiths.

Goblins ascend from the deepest corners of the world, – cousins of orcs, weaker than a human, but exceeding every race by deviousness. They are sly and cunning creatures, who have a terrifying grasp in guerrilla warfare. Traps and ambushes are their forte.

From the deepest tunnels pour and stream armies of ratmen – a race created from stupidity of alchemists. Nobody is sure, how did they escape, they were supposed to be weapon against humanities enemies, to grind them in war of progress and attrition. You could say alchemists exceeded themselves creatures escaped, and in few years rose from basic savages, to humanities level and took over a continent.

And in the furthest north, in the front of the gates of hell, endless army of cursed undead, chaos born demons and other creatures of chaos are lining into battle formations in front of 13 lords of chaos. But humanity itself isn’t united. Even in these indeed dark times betrayal and corruption follow the tribes and nations man. Entire kingdoms start to worship chaos, at the same time there are steady increases numbers of creatures born of perversion like half-orcs and beastmen. And these are only a pair of a hundreds of curses that have befallen humanity.

But the kingdoms of man aren’t the only ones warring for light in this dark world. Dwarfs- ancient, long-living, created from stone if we would believe in myths, fight beside them. They crush endless hordes of goblins and ratmen which attack their tunnels and underground cities. Their might is increased by miracles of science and technology. Enemy breaks against them like a wall, their will is unbreakable.

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