Robin was a beautiful, angular faced young woman with an insightful mind and exquisite taste in fashion and design. She also had a nearly perfect body, benefiting not only from genetics and luck but a careful attention to diet and exercise. She had been told at fifteen that her thirty-six C cup breasts would one day sag much like those of the unmarried, somewhat bitter maiden aunt who had so informed her. She had then set about to ensure that she kept the muscles of her chest and stomach as firm and strong as possible in order to postpone what her aunt assured her was inevitable. She had been quite successful so far, although at only twenty five years of age nature had not yet made any inroads into the youth and vitality of her body.

Her dark hair spilled around her face and over her shoulders in what she recognized was an unnecessary and time-consuming vanity, hanging halfway down her back in often untidy curls and ringlets which Seamus Reilly found extremely erotic when lain across her bare back, as they were now.

He’d met Robin when he’d gone into a bookstore a few years ago and found her there working as a cashier. The coincidence of her first name with his last had been an introduction he couldn’t resist. They’d had a wild weekend romp and then he’d said goodbye. A year or so later he’d been in town and they’d done a repeat performance. She was the manager of the store then. Now, two years later, she was managing that store and four others as the general manager for the corporation which owned the chain of bookstores.

There was never any doubt in either of their minds that all he had in mind was fun and games, and Robin was mature enough in her outlook to accept that fun and games were a far better alternative than sitting home watching television. Seamus was, after all, a well-built, handsome man, cocky, good humored, good natured, apparently rich, and an exquisite lover who took pride in his ability to arouse and excite women.

Despite the way he came in and then disappeared from her life Robin had quickly come to trust him the way she rarely did even with boyfriends of considerably longer tenure. And he had introduced her to bondage and the exciting games which went with it.

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