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What readers are saying about Brother’s Keeper:

Reading a book from a new author is always an unknown, but this book was terrific. I stayed up late three nights to read it, finally putting it down when I just couldn't stay up a minute longer. Yes, I paid the price at work the next day, but it was worth it. It was non-stop action, twists and turns. The story just keeps on giving until the very end. A fun, entertaining read.”

--K.T. Valerio, Bloomington, MN

First of all, you've got to love a murder mystery set in a bookstore-slash-bar called "Sherlock's." Getting a bottle of scotch with a library ladder? Perfect. There are so many great details in this book; clearly the author knows Seattle and wants the reader to know it, too. I really cared about the main character, Mack, a refreshing change from the typical hard-boiled ex-cop. He's not bullet-proof. He loves his daughter, loves his dark ales, loves his friends. And what fascinating friends they are: computer genius "Sherm the Worm," Scottish barkeep Sam Duncan, detective Maggie Coyle. They're people you'd want to know, and their voices ring clear. A great read, skilled and thrilling.”

--Alison Lockwood, Orlando, FL

WHAT! I didn't see that coming! I loved this book. I lost track of time and finished this wonderful tale late into the morning hours. Satisfied, yet hungry for more, wondering how he had fooled me, thinking back to the slightest turns I took in my thinking that led me on a goose chase to end up being surprised at the ending.”

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