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The unyielding love of the women in my
ancestry and in my life. From them I come
and to them I go.

In loving memory of Roy (Dadayna) and
Jolma Marika
and Terri Vingerhoed.

~~~ ~~~


To Amanda Hemmings, Alex Mohan and all at Pan Macmillan who welcomed me to their ranks of salubrious authors - and then waited two years for the first draft.

To Richard Fogl and Ruth Koenig from Barker Gosling Legal Group for their astute professional assistance and good will.

To Hugh at Micro-seconds who gave me a second-hand computer.

To Jan Howley who salvaged the corrupted disc that contained Chapter Eight.

To Wendy Champagne for her editorial contribution.

To the Presbytarian Church of N.S.W.

To the committee members of TBF inc. for their sweat and mateship.

To Charles Blackman, OBE, David van Nunen, John Coburn and Margaret Tuckson for their friendship and support.

To all the artists, galleries, companies and individuals that have participated in and donated to TBF inc. events and campaigns.

To Professor Massimo Pandolfo and his colleagues who discovered the FA gene.

To Dr Ian Alexander, Dr Jane Flemming and the medical teams all over the world who are working to cure Friedreich's Ataxia.

To Derek Parker (Parker Galleries), Cam Crofts (Jim Crofts Studio) and David Altshuler (Oxford Art Supplies), all of whom have let my account soar so I could.

To Bill Moore at City Gym for his generosity.

To Helen Penny, my personal trainer, who guided me to strength.

To Kristina Karasulas and Penny Arcade for their belief in my talent.

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