Reba's Secret Lover

Kelly's Quickies #32

Kelly Addams


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Chapter 1

Reba stared at the piles of wooden packing cases and cardboard boxes that were stacked in the dusty echoing room and sighed. She had a mountain of work ahead of her.

The house was inherited of course, on her salary she couldn't afford to buy such a rambling property, and it had history, that's what she had been told. All that she did know for sure is that during the prolonged summer visits to her grandparents when she was a child the old house had terrified her. The way it creaked, like it was alive and breathing, how even during the hottest nights she would wake shivering almost like she lay in an icy mist. But those things she could have accepted if it hadn't have been for the voices, the whispering that only she could hear. Someone knew her name and spoke quietly to her in the dead of night... and Reba would lie awake gripped by her fear and praying fervently for the dawn. With the first ray of light it would end, it always did. The voices would be silenced, the chill would leave her flesh, the fear would lift from her... and often she would manage to convince herself it had been nothing more sinister than a bad dream.

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