Stephanie Caldwell woke up in pain. She tried to move, but her arms and legs were restrained. As her eyes adjusted and focused, she noticed bright spotlights shining down on her body, where she was lying flat on her back on a velvet bed encased in glass walls. Am I in a hospital? Was I in a car accident? she thought to herself.

She arched her back to try to see more of her surroundings, and a searing pain shot through her abdomen. She looked down and almost screamed. Not only was she naked, but her belly had swollen to an enormous size.

She cried out as more pain rushed through her, frantically looking around for answers or for someone who could help. Suddenly, a vision flashed through her mind. The last thing she could remember was driving in her car on the way to work. Traffic had come to a dead-stop, and she had smashed her hand against the horn in frustration. She was going to be late again, and she knew another strike against her performance would give the company grounds for her dismissal. She was already on probation as it was.

But now, she didn't know where she was. A hospital, maybe. She must have had an accident. She had heard that parts of people's bodies swell up after an injury. She had seen things like that on health shows on TV.

Craning her neck to look down at her wrists, she found thick golden cords of rope wrapped around them, and more were wrapped on her ankles, keeping her legs spread apart and her knees bent. The restraints, along with her odd positioning, didn’t look like anything doctors would use in a hospital. And the glass walls were so close to her, she had the eerie sense that she was in a coffin. The beginnings of fear began to surge throughout her body.

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