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Quite frankly, yer honor, I figgered I was swallowed by a frog. Frogs sneak up when you ain't looking 'n' shoop! you're gone. But I ain’t no frog ‘round the hut, only the old lady, 'n' when I washed — you don’t want to know how, yer honor — anyway, when I washed myself, I couldn't smell no frog taste on me, 'n' I know frog smell, believe you me. So I thought maybe the old lady was a frog in disguise, maybe. You humans don't swallow flies. Just ain't done.

As I was thinkin', I heared a scream 'n' a bump. I jumped, almost tearin' my feet off, 'cause I was still stuck to the wall by my feet, yer honor. So, I got set down from this little jolt, I called out a who's there?

"Antonio?" comes the reply. "That you?"

"Adolphus! Yeah, it's me." I relaxed a bit. Adolphus is a spider of my ‘quaintance. We got a little understandin'. He don't eat me, I don't let other flies know of his little web in the corner of the hut.

"Weird, ain't it?"

"What?" Dolphus is a little slow at times, partic'lary after a good meal. Which he had just had, 'cause of our agreement. Too bad, I kinda liked that little stranger in our hut. But I say every fly fer himself.

"That old woman swallowin' us."

"Yeah." We sat 'n' spec'lated for a minute.

"Partic'larly what she said."

"Oh?" When Dolphus didn't talk, I asked. "What’d she say?"

"Well, I dunno what she told you, but she told me to catch you."

"Oh?" My antennae went up.

"Which I ain't gonna do, seein' as you are who you are, Tonio."

"Thank you, Dolphus." Spiders like a little grovelin', they're ‘most as small as us flies, but they like to feel ‘portant.

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