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A life-changing Decision

As I spurred my horse to the very edge of the ridge, I sensed an unusual energy floating in the air, like a heat wave on a hot day…but not quite. This energy was like nothing I had experienced before, and it was radiating upward. To my dismay, I realized it emanated from the city, as if this place were alive, with a spirit of its own. What at first had begun inside me as a vague uneasiness hadn’t ceased intensifying, but seemed to be mirroring the flow of energy rising up to us in strong bursts like waves hitting the shore at high tide. It climbed and climbed, up and up, until in one final leap it touched the tip of my feet. My entire body tensed as tingling sensations danced along my limbs, making me shudder, raising goose bumps all over my skin.

Magic! So much magic! The city seemed to be constructed entirely of magic, as if conjured out of nothingness. This was so shocking to me that it, literally, took my breath away. After a brief struggle, I managed to catch my breath again and was able to hiss through clenched teeth, “Why didn’t you tell me about the magic, Khuan?”

Looking sheepish, he said in a small voice, “Knowing how much you dislike magic, you wouldn’t have come if I had.


Nathalie Mallet

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