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Distracted by the wall-to-wall buildings and the cars driving by on the street, Kendel walked into the wide base of an ornamental streetlight, banging her knee and shin. Shocked by the pain, she stopped breathing.

John heard her gasp. Seeing that she was somewhat stunned, he said, "Rub it, Kendel. Rubbing it helps to ease the pain by making sure the circulation of blood still happens. It spreads out a small pain so the pain can fade away."

"Nnnnn...," Kendel said as she vigorously rubbed her knee and shin.

"Blood?” she said. “I have blood? You talk like it might come out."


Since she had first seen it, Kendel had been glancing at the wall. It looked like a curtain made out of clear water, but it was moving in ripples, so she could not see through it to the other side....

"What is that?" Kendel asked John, while she stared at the flowing, crystal-like wall.

John looked at it, and then said, "I don't know for sure. I would call it the door into Paradise, or death, or baptism. I believe it may also burn away the chaff, that is, the hate and anger and so forth, in a person's life.



Logan C. Cowart

Smashwords Edition

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