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Wings In the Darkness

A Tale from The World of The Ageless One


Jason Richard

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Copyright 2011 Jason Richard

The Ageless One Copyright 2010 Jason Richard

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Introduction and Explanation

Dear Readers,

Perhaps you are wondering why 'The Ageless One" appears on the cover and title of this story, but no reference to the character can be found in these pages. The truth is this story takes place in the same world as my other story, "The Ageless One," and the events which you are about to read of are even mentioned in that book. The Ageless One is Doelan, who is the main character in my planned series of novels. I created a large fantasy world for him to inhabit, and then realized that historical events from that world had potential to be thrilling tales in their own right. Even if you never read, "The Ageless One," I think you'll find this story enjoyable, but it did spring out of another story. Think of it as an introduction to the world I have created, and if you are interested in finding out more about this world, then I promise you there it will give forth even more stories.

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