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Revenge On Paper

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2013 Coyotes Publishing

Smashwords Edition

Drinking / Humping / Smoking

I be drinkin the dew that has my mind all fizzy.

When my rhymes be dropped people be actin all prissy.

The green drink is what does it for me.

A full bottle fuels the energy inside that gets me free.

We be humpin like two jack rabbits.

But if you put us together on the same page you'd think we should be in straight


The minds all fucked up but we complement each other.

The broken leg is a blessing more than a bother.

She be smokin, my meat.

I'd be kissin her from her head to her feet.

The sensual sensation.

Balances out the equation.

- Kennie Kayoz -


Tomorrow I shall sit, with the photo albums looking at memories past.

Wishing that things haven't changed as much as they did an makin my life change so


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