I Walk Alone

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2013 Coyotes Publishing

Smashwords Edition

In The Beginning

I walked alone.
The mountains were higher
The determination was great.
The ideas flowed.

Things then grew.
To many who walked with me.
Knowing that things wouldn't be easy.
The roads were rough.
Very few would walk with us.

Very little things to celebrate.
Not many chances.
Was still mastering my craft.


The Challenge

I am now presented with a challenge
Of being solo again.
Being the man in the spot light.

Gathering my thoughts.
Placing them on paper.
Getting to get them out to the world even quicker.

I respected all whom helped me.
During the path of struggles.
They continued to maintain
The presence that they stood forth.

Now things are like how they started.
As I continued to walk my own path.



To some failure is not a option
To me failure is something that I don't pay attention to.

No money is spent on what one reads from me.
No refunds you shall get from these words I speak

Some releases gain higher numbers.
Some releases have lower numbers.

The race isn't about the numbers
One or a thousand, it doesn't matter.

To many I'm looked at as a failure.
To myself I already know I am.


I Talk To Myself

No longer got a group around me to bounce ideas off.
I talk to myself to try and make sense of my own thoughts.
To make sense of my own ideas.
It allows me to filter out the bad ideas.
Or make the better ones stronger.

Sometimes paper doesn't always help when it comes to my ideas.

As I write them down I have trouble getting my ideas just right.
I talk out loud to myself which helps me put things into perspective

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