Did You Hear About Chasity?

By:Olivia Zavitson

Skinny and poor, or rich and fat?” My friend Carina asked stuffing her bony fingers into a crystal bowl of pop corn. “That is easy. Skinny and poor.” I said slurping my diet Snapple. Everyone in the circle gasped. “Poor? Ew! Event though being skinny is my biggest priority, I would SO rather be rich.” My best friend, Gabby, said tucking a blond weft of hair behind her ear. It was my weekly Friday night sleepover. My 4 best friends; Carina, Gabby, Mandy, Charlotte, and myself, Chastity Weatherly, were all snuggled up in my poolside cabana in our cashmere Ralph Lauren sleeping bags. Our lavender sleeping bags stitched with each of our initials were in the shape of a circle. In the center of our circle were diet Snapples on a bed of ice, a crystal bowl of low sodium popcorn, pink and purple m&ms, hand rolled sushi, a platter of blueberry scones, and an assortment of fashion magazines. The cabana had bright yellow paint on the walls and white pin-stripes. There was an off-white sectional in the center of the room and a glass coffee table covered in Oprah Magazines and Men's Health magazines. In front of the sectional, there was a Toshiba flat screen mounted on the wall and there were surround sound speakers in every corner. Every Friday since the 6th grade my 4 best friends would come over for a sleepover. We would talk about the previous week of school and make fun of pictures in our school year book.

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