Chapter 11: The Skills of Provoking Spirits

Chapter 12: Evil in Spirits? Never came across it yet, but have with the living

Chapter 13: Paranormal Investigations - nothing more then a modern day Séance?

Chapter 14: The Shadows Know

Chapter 15: My Theory About Ouija Boards and The Possible Cause Of Experiences

Chapter 16: My Circle of Energy Séance, Where You Become The Medium

Chapter 17: Those Who Work With Me at Paranormal Locations

Chapter 18: Some of the Haunted Locations and My Experiences at them

Chapter 19: Comments and Experiences by Others from Some of My Paranormal Nights

Chapter 20: Random Thoughts from me

Chapter 21: Links to Videos from The Paranormal Nights and Locations

Chapter 22: Links to Edward Shanahan’s Web Sites, Paranormal Photos and Others

Chapter 23: About The Author

Chapter 1: Introduction

Spirits, Ghosts, Paranormal activity or whatever name you would like to give to those things that go bump in the night or in many cases, that go bump around the clock. I consider it a gift being allowed to experience a source more powerful then us, the Spiritual World.

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