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Since I went public in 2002 exploring the paranormal, doing Psychic Readings and writing articles based on my internal knowledge and paranormal experiences, it has been a blossoming of Spiritual knowledge that is not just learned by me reading a book, but given to me in messages received by way of the Spiritual World. I am a Spirit Feeler, I do Psychic Readings, Conscious Channeling with items of loved ones who have passed away. Medium work, Séances, and use my abilities to assist those at haunted locations. I have also helped those seeking knowledge about paranormal activity at their home or location.

The goal with writing this book is to bring to you the reader, some of those messages I have received, some of my internal knowledge that has allowed me to put together the stories about such things as Spirits, EMF readings, the Ouija Board, Old Souls, and more. To help you open up your own internal knowledge of the subjects. If for no other reason, it may help you to think more about what could be out there and hopefully give you some answers. To take you deeper in thinking about the subjects discussed in this book.

My paranormal experiences go back to 1975, when as a teenager, I wandered in to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery one night, at that time it was legal to do so. I did it to experience what I am honest about calling it, just good teenage spooky fun. Not claiming it as anything else or claiming I started paranormal investigating way back then. Today that experience would be over 35 years ago, older then some who may be reading this book.

Back then in 1975 what else would teenage spooky fun have been called? Chicago paranormal author Richard Crowe was doing radio interviews on Chicago radio shows back in the 70’s as he is still doing today. Mr. Crowe most likely would have been called the first Paranormal Celebrity. His interviews were about paranormal activity at Chicago locations and then he was presenting it as Ghost Stories of haunted Chicago locations.

In this book you will find many chapters that I use my paranormal experiences at locations to explain the subject matter of a chapter. There is also a lengthy chapter on my experiences at many haunted locations, not presented as stories of what others say has happened to them, but experiences I have had and were witnessed by others who were present during my paranormal nights.

My Spiritual interest could be traced back at least forty-three years ago, when I was in Chicago’s Ford City Shopping Mall with my mother. I was ten years old and we entered a new age store in the lower level of the mall. I was drawn to many items I had seen, but the one thing I really wanted was the Black Mirror that made the promises of what could be experienced and what one could possibly do with it. I asked my mother if I could get it. Her response was “You are not yet ready for it”.

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