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Book One of The Dragon Alliance


Will Wright

Proof-edit by

Carl Lombardi

Formatted for ebook by

Emily Murphy

Cover Art by

Marcus McLaurin


The first heroes of the Dragon Alliance are a mother and daughter team from Massachusetts (quite some distance from the No Name river.) Marianne and Sarah Knowles, read my rough draft, my first edit, and worked with me throughout the process, giving me countless suggestions, and corrections. In many ways, this story is theirs as much as anybody’s.

But they are not the only people who left a positive imprint on Cinder. Pat Sesma, Melvyn Windham, Brenda Dickheiser, and Julie Kolischak pondered early drafts, making cogent, helpful, and largely legible notes in the margins. Carl Lombardi turned my tortured grammar into English, and Emily Murphy turned Carl’s manuscript into an ebook. Headley Hauser shares the blame for some of Mank’s more caustic comments, as well as Puff’s digestive problems. Finally, Blaine Gray took his mighty sword to a stretch run Gordian knot.

Hmm, maybe I didn’t have that much to do with it.


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