“She got away. All my records were deleted, and my deputy disappeared. The hospital doesn’t remember her.” Information spilled forth easily, like he’d been dying to confess his troubles to someone. “It’s like she never existed, but I remember.”

“What’d she say her name was?”

“Kim Laurent.”

Shock broke his contact with the sheriff, but he recaptured it before the man grew too troubled to entrance. Why had she used Bishop’s last name? Couldn’t another fake one do? Smith? Cornucopia?

“How’d she get away?” Had she seduced the sheriff? Bishop had sworn to protect the weaker creatures roaming this earth, but the sheriff’s life expectancy was dropping.

“I think my deputy let her go. He’s missing. I went to his place, and except for the overwhelming smell of matches, nothing’s out of place.”

Brimstone. Another demon had gotten to her. Was she running from more than Bishop? He hadn’t questioned why she’d appeared on Earth and then taken off. Assumed it had to do with him, and how he, Demetrius, and Rourke had taken out their intermediary for human hosts. But why was she here in the first place?

He’d refused to turn over his team to her or give her information that’d help demons infiltrate the realm. Was his demon in trouble?

A phone rang. Bishop automatically grabbed for his, but the sheriff snatched his own phone and answered.

“Johnson,” he barked. “Where the hell are you? Sioux Falls? What the fuck for?”

Bishop’s sensitive hearing picked up the response from a frantic male. “I woke up on a toilet. I don’t remember driving here, Sheriff. I don’t even remember getting dressed, but I’m in a gas station with my patrol car.”

Bishop cut in. “What gas station?”

The sheriff jerked like he’d been startled and his other hand reached for his gun. But Bishop heard the deputy answer.

“You don’t want to do that,” Bishop said in a low voice that cast a stronger thrall.

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