Sharon L Reddy

Platinum Mind

(c) 2011, 2012

Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-368-1

Cover background: NASA, STScI

Chapter One

Over. Finished. Done. Past tense. The trial and his life. He heard the judge sentence him to life confinement and it rang through his mind, but seemed to come from far away. 'His' attorney turned and walked out of the courtroom. It was the only time he'd ever seen him. He'd tried to protest that at the beginning of the trial, which had lasted less than a half-day. He'd been "gagged" for his attempt, a sound suppression field placed around him.

He'd stepped onto the world of Moradorn nine days before and been arrested within an hour for a murder committed minutes after he'd arrived.

There had been witnesses. Three people had seen the murder. All of them had described him perfectly to the police and pointed him out in court. There hadn't been an autopsy report presented. He wasn't sure there was a body.

He wasn't guilty. He'd killed no one. He was sure they knew it, perhaps even the jury knew it. As he shuffled, manacled at wrists and ankles, from the courtroom at the prodding of three guards, he softly said, "Justice, be not blind to this. Witness thy mockery."

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