{Part One}

The Beasts

Three sisters lived in a small house together. It was between the village and the woods, which were about a mile apart.

One night it was raining. The youngest, Poppy, was already in bed. The other two, Hyacinth and Ivy were still awake. They sat near the fireplace and talked quietly to each other, so as not to wake Poppy.

Ivy turned to the window to see if it was still raining. Out the small window, there was a large oak tree. They watched it sway slightly in the wind. A shadow shot behind the tree, and they could hear a soft cry.

“Did you see that??” Ivy gasped.

“Yeah!” Hyacinth cried in disbelief.

“Well maybe we should go look.” Ivy took Hyacinth by the hand, and they walked outside.

They got to the tree and peeked behind it. What they found made them feel sick and scared. A huge ugly thing. It was a deep grey with black spots, and large fangs and claws. It was eating a small child, and it paused to look up at them. Hyacinth cried out and pulled Ivy away.

“Is it following us!?” Ivy yelled. Hyacinth mumbled something that Ivy couldn't understand. They stopped, out of breath. They looked back, but all they saw was Poppy. She was standing in front of the tree. Utterly confused, they walked back to the tree.

“What are you doing out here, Poppy? There's a terrible creature out here!” Hyacinth scolded.

“You think I'm a terrible creature?” She said innocently.

“Wait -- what? No, there's seriously something bad out here!” Poppy grinned at Hyacinth. She grew two feet taller, and her body widened, it grew grey hair with black spots. Sharp teeth and claws came into view. Hyacinth shrieked in terror. Poppy went back to normal.

“Mother didn't leave us because she didn't love us. That's why she left, because she loved us. She was the oldest of her three sisters, she had the most time. The curse affects the youngest first.

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