A Mind Not Worth Controlling

A Captain Rescue Short Story

(The Annals of Absurdity)

By Joshua Price

Copyright © 2012 by Joshua Price

Smashwords Edition

For the Interrobang,

You haven’t had your day, yet, but you will. Oh you will.

Despite Captain Rescue’s most valiant efforts—or perhaps due to them—the crime rates of his fair city were thirty times those of its nearest neighbors. These constantly stoked criminal fires made finding a safe place to work tricky. But the young Bridget found such a bastion at the Westside Funeral Home. This mortuary specialized in making the passing of a loved one quick, painless, and, most of all, damned expensive.

The majority of families paid for these costly funerals with credit or lump sums of life insurance. Westside rarely had enough cash on hand to make a robbery worthwhile. That’s why Bridget got a job there. She was only a teenager, but after having a gun shoved in her face countless times, she jumped at the opportunity to work at a place this boring and safe. But as she was about to learn, life was just plain mean.

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